Monday, June 20, 2011

Max Force Shadow Hawk 100

Here we have the Long Range Max Force Shadow hawk 100 from Jakks Pacific. About $40 Toys R Us, Amazon. There has finally been a technological advance in the spit ball. The Max Force line of blasters are some of the coolest looking blasters available and they have the performance to back up there style. The listed range of this blaster is up to 100 feet and that appears to be accurate. The soft paper ammo that must be wet before firing is similar to a paper spit ball. The ammo is soft, accurate, and holds it's shape in flight before sticking to it's target. Don't worry, the paper ammo is biodegradable and easy to clean up. The included clip holds 8 shots and is loaded with the bolt action handle. Ammo is fired by the pump handle under the blaster. Pull the handle back and release the handle to fire. This firing style is very similar to the Xploderz blasters with the pull, release firing. The gun itself is very nice looking and very well built. The fold down legs are a little flimsy and should have been made a little more sturdy. The rail on top allows the scope to be adjusted and the barrel, stock and scope are easily removed.

Overall I am very impressed with the look, feel and ranges of the Shadow Hawk. I was disappointed to find out there was no trigger but the gun shoots well with no jams or misfires so far. Since the ammo is not reusable, you will have to make sure to have plenty of extra on hand before going into battle. I think the blaster should have come with at least one more clip for quicker reloading but more can be purchased. Die hard Nerf fans will probably not be to fascinated by these blasters but I think they would make a nice edition to anyone's backyard arsenal.

1. Shoots up to 100 feet
2. Looks good and feels comfortable
3. Bolt action loading

1. Non reusable ammo
2. No trigger

Will you graduate from foam?

Is it just me or does the guy holding the gun resemble Master Chief?

Back of the box. Pictured on the back is a 150 round ammo pack and a 300 round ammo pack with clip.

Inside the box.

Whats included. Gun with scope, barrel, stock, glasses, ammo and clip.

The gun itself.

With the stock on. The stock is removable.

With Stock and removable barrel.

The scope is adjustable and removable.

Look down the scope.

The bag of 120 soft ammo.

The ammo loads into the clip easily. Clip holds 8.

The paper ammo has a bullet shape to it.

The ammo after being shot.

A short video review with test shots.

If you watch the video, Every shot went through the target. Now I need to get a hold of the Terrornator 85.

Some size comparisons to the Nerf Longshot.
The Shadow Hawk size compared to a Nerf LS

Shadow Hawk with stock, Ls stock extended.

Complete length comparison.

Thanks to Jakks Pacific for providing the gun for review.


  1. Awesome. Do you know when they will be out here in the US?

  2. hehe my mate got one of these a few days ago and i got the smaller slingshot version, they are quite fun, but i tell you what any ranges under 30 fett and the ammo WILL sting, dosent welt or anything, but you feel it!!!

  3. The plunger tube in these is pretty huge. It has a strong spring as well. I'd love to see you convert it to shoot darts somehow Jerm.

  4. ud have to do a lot of modifications as the barrel used it quite tiny cause of the size of the ammo, but would be an interesting conversion

  5. max force could have been the best yet they didnt take the time to make a trigger for their guns.

  6. wow! I can't wait to get my hands on one. I am interested to see how they would perform if included in a dart tag style game alongside nerf blasters...

  7. Where did you get the gun from? Did Jakks Pacific provide you with one to do the review?

  8. Love the dude on the cover of the box!

  9. Doesn't have a trigger? That's so lame. I wanna see how these things do in wars. Probably not so good, considering you have to wet the ammo.

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  11. trying to make mine shoot lead fishing sinkers, no luck as of yet.

  12. I can't wait to try this out against my friends while they have nerf blasters. Are these out at any stores yet?

  13. Review of Terrornator coming soon.

  14. I wanted to buy one of these, but the lack of a trigger meant I went with the Nerf Guns instead. What a shame, They do are a lot better than nerf guns... But still I need the trigger.

  15. The fact that this blaster does not have a trigger completely turned me off from buying it. It is unfortunate, because I really like the look and the performance.

  16. mod it to have a trigger

  17. Would it be possible to mod it so that when the bolt is pulled back the botton pull is pulled with it, but on the return the bolt goes to a resting position while the bottom pull remains cocked until release by means of a trigger? You may have to carve up the gun a little bit but it would be possible (Albeit of work would be required however...) for this gun to have a trigger.

  18. You can put a trigger on it but can not use the bolt action to pull back the bottom grip for 2 reasons, 1. The travel distance is to short and 2. the amount resistance in the bolt action would break something if you could get that kind of leverage on the bolt. I see what your trying to do but without some electronis in there it's always going to be a bolt & pump action unfortunatly. If you want a trigger mod check out you tube. There are a few different concepts

  19. Just a question... if u had the choice would u go for the Shadow Hawk 100 OR the Terrornator 85???
    I know there are PROS and CONS for both but which is the best all-rounder???

  20. I like the Shadow better. The Terrornator is kind of bulky.

  21. so the loongstrike is shorter than the shadow hawk

  22. Actually the Shadow is around the same length than a longstrike, maybe a bit more, but when I showed up to a war with this thing, and most guys there had Longshots, it seemed huge. Me and a fellow with a longstrike sat on a roof of an old shed and served as snipers for our red team, with the range of this thing and the ammo being hard to spot, the poor blokes on the ground never stood a chance! I might try and modify it to take a trigger, it doesn't look all that hard with the right parts, IE an old Nerf gun that has a similar plunger layout to canibalize....

  23. Hi! I saw this weapon at the store today, I'm not familiar with the Max Force brand, so I have a couple of questions, I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out.
    Is it possible to use dry pellets? Or must they be wet? (since at the office sometimes people have nerf wars, but wet pellets wouldn't be an option because of all the computers around).
    And my second question, would you say this gun is better than the NERF longstrike (in distance and/or accuracy)?