Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nerf Camera

The Nerf camera is available at Radio Shack for $30. From the specs it looks to be a 2mp camera, so my phone will take better pictures than this thing. If anyone has used it, let us know how it is.

With just the click of a button, you can document your favorite memories with this Nerf Digital Camera. You can then easily download your pictures to your computer and even edit them, using the included software.

  • Download pictures directly to your computer with the included USB cable
  • Compact and durable for fun on the go
  • Includes creative software that lets you edit and print your pictures easily


  1. 2 megapixels?! A webcam has higher resolution.

  2. At first I was excited when I heard that they were coming out with electronics stuff for Nerf... but after seeing this and the Flash Drive shaped like a random Nerf Blaster, I'm beyond disappointed. The low-end tech that they've been using to put in these expensive Nerf-branded items is just insulting, especially at the prices they're asking for them.

  3. Doesn't even look like it fits on the Nerf Rails. This is sad, considering that they have an opportunity for some cool stuff.

    For instance, the flash drive could've been in a dart, wouldn't have flown well, but you could shoot your data at people. Woulda been better. If the camera were at LEAST as good as the one on your phone, and went on a tac rail, some people would buy it just for fun, but this thing?

  4. um ok... id rather see the rayven or new vortex

  5. @longshot1012, I doubt it will fit the tac rail.

  6. I totally agree. I just can't understand what the bosses of some companies are thinking. When the first rumours arrived about this tech stuff, everyone in the blogs was like "Yeah a Nerf-compatible camera I can fit on my Tac Rail". Now what do we have? Just a piece of merchandise. Cheap? Yes. Durable? Probably. But without any practical use for a Nerf enthusiast. And it would have been so easy...

  7. Honestly nerf? How amazing would it be to have a half decent tac-rail camera with video for some awesome shots? My iPhone is 8mb, that puts that thing to shame, and for 30$???? I would rather pick up another raider for 30.00 any day!

  8. Im looking for the Instructins manuel!! Need to understand this confusing button layout/functions !! to delete pics etc for this device. Ne ideas where i can would be able to find this ifo ONLINE ?? !! thks !!!!

  9. i'm reading all these people getting pissed at the resolution of this camera and i can't help but laugh. especially when it's a product suited for a child. i'm trying to make this my 3 year old's first camera (as it should probably be used for) even though it says for ages 5 and up. i just need to know, since it's made by nerf, if it's durable in case he drops it a few times. can anyone help me on that?

    1. I bought for my 3 year old grandson. it does not have a carrying strap, & its hard to figure out. it does seem to be durable enough for him, but the memory is full after only 89 pictures.