Monday, December 24, 2012

Triad spring swap, Streamline compatibility and chrono

I recently picked up a Triad. Since Darthrambo mentioned OMW 5 and 6 kg Vulcan springs and I had both of these along with a Triad, I figured I would put them to the test and get a general sense of how this gun performs and responds.

So first of all, both the 2.0 (5 kg) and 2.5 (6 kg) Vulcan springs are compatible without mods as expected. Both will have some preload, but this is not a problem for a Jolt-type plunger system with an integral pad/bumper and very robust parts.  The Triad's ARs are obviously going to be left in place so there are zero worries about dryfiring and impacts anyway.

Before testing, I did add some speed holes to the endcap. This is a Jolt feature that is inexplicably missing in the Triad, and the only means of admitting air behind the plunger during firing is the very small clearance around the rod. I could see this hampering performance, but I didn't bother testing it because the holes were a 5-minute mod that has no possible negative effects.

I should note that the Triad is a good bit larger than a Jolt, both physically and in displacement. The Triad plunger system has about 1/2" more stroke and 1/4" more bore, and moves a lot more air.

Without further ado: Chrono numbers

Note that I also made an effort to account for and quantify the expected loss in velocity from the first barrel to the last, hence the red/green/blue rows in the table. Each successive shot from a Roughcut or Triad forces air to pass through a progressively longer and more restrictive path. In practice, I found this loss to be about 6 fps from the bottom barrel to the top left barrel (the last one to fire) with considerable consistency. Swapping the OMW 2.0 spring did not change this, but the 2.5 resulted in a greater loss for Elite darts.

As to performance gains, the stock spring yielded 72.9 fps average with elites, the 2.0 produced 81.9, and the 2.5 resulted in 85.4. Heavier sonic darts responded similarly, with less impressive numbers (but more accuracy, obviously).

Overall, I would say this is a worthwhile swap if you have an OMW Vulcan spring sitting around or you score one cheap. I eventually left the 2.0 spring in mine, as the 2.5 decreased consistency too much for my liking and resulted in a heavier prime, and its third-barrel numbers were similar to the 2.0.

Finally, I did something about the streamline incompatibility that can plague nerfers who operate around lots of streamline users, such as HVZ players.

I used a needlenose to grab and twist off about 1/2" of peg in each barrel. When doing this, it is best to grab the peg straight on, give it 1.5 or 2 turns one direction, then reverse and repeat until it fatigues and snaps off. Now this Triad shoots streamlines like a boss.

I think this goes without saying, but make SURE you snap the peg off cleanly. If you bend the peg, you will have to undergo the hassle of drilling the access hole in the rear cover and pulling the valve block out as documented on several forums.

EDIT: I have since added the access hole for the screw, and fully removed the pegs and webs from my Triad. No improvement of any sort was produced - this is not a worthwhile mod unless you need to shoot solid core foam.

Also, I dumped the stock triad spring into my AR'd Jolt. This resulted in Elite performance. If used with the AR, it would bring the Jolt in line with stock NSE products, which raises the question of why Hasbro has not done so for the Jolt repaint.

 For anyone who wants to pick up the OMW springs Orange Mod Works Clearance Page


  1. Awesome work as usual man. I love having the numbers to look at.

  2. well I have heard results say the elite painted jolt gets elite ranges and doesn't get elite ranges, which is it???

    1. I know that mine is just a little bit under, but with simple ar removal, it does get elite ranges.

    2. The article said that "Also, I dumped the stock triad spring into my AR'd Jolt. This resulted in Elite performance." The Jolt gets elite ranges with the stock Triad Spring. A stock Jolt does not get elite ranges.

    3. I am talking about the elite jolt, which is better than the original jolt. So actually yes with ar removal the elite jolt does get elite ranges. Obviously it doesn't get 75 ft flat, because nerf angles their shots, but it does reach the 55-60 ft ranges flat like the elite blasters do.
      Trust me, I own the blaster, I would know.

    4. Based on SGnerf's description of the springs, I am not very inclined to believe any such claim until someone chronographs one of these blue Jolts.

    5. Good Point. The only other thing I could think of that could be causing the dispute of ranges is that there could be different versions. Like with the grey and orange triggers.
      I am very confused though, because mine was just short of the elite ranges, and then hit them when modified with ar removal.

  3. Fantastic. Not only can I upgrade my Triad, but now my Jolt gets a present, too!

  4. So will a omw vulcan spring fit the jolt?

    1. Yes, it will fit the jolt.