Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zombie Strike series officially announced (2014 lineup)

Some people are excited for today because it's Free Slurpee Day at 7-Elevens across the nation. However, we've been given something else to be excited for, as io9's been given official information about the Zombie Strike series and has posted it online.

While we already know about the Hammershot and the Sledgefire, they were given the full Zombie Strike lineup for spring of 2014. Here's what Nerf's got in store for us.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow
Protect your human allies with the ZOMBIE STRIKE CROSSFIRE bow, which brings iconic crossbow action to the NERF line for the first time in almost twenty years! Boasting 75 foot ELITE distance and authentic pull-back firing action, the CROSSFIRE bow is a great asset in the human zombie struggle. Crossbow comes complete with four NERF ZOMBIE STRIKE darts. ($19.99)
Check out the rest of the products under the cut.

Nerf Zombie Strike Fusefire Blaster
Lesson one: the living dead don’t take naps. Be ready any time of day for a zombie attack with the ZOMBIE STRIKE FUSEFIRE blaster at your side. Firing glowing NERF VORTEX discs, this blaster features a continuous loading system for blasting zombies with a foam barrage. The curving and ricocheting discs allow zombie hunters to battle their undead opponents in an all new way. Blaster comes with five ZOMBIE STRIKE VORTEX discs and storage space for five additional discs. ($14.99)

Nerf Zombie Strike Ricochet Blaster
When it all comes down to one shot, make it count. The single shot ZOMBIE STRIKE RICOCHET disc blaster is the ultimate tool for mounting sneak attacks on the living dead. Pocket-sized but powerful, the RICOCHET blaster comes with two discs. ($7.99)

Nerf Zombie Strike Ripshot Blaster
Plan a sneak attack against zombie foes with the aid of the stealthy ZOMBIE STRIKE RIPSHOT disc blaster, featuring integrated three disc storage. Comes complete with three ZOMBIE STRIKE VORTEX discs. ($9.99)

Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster
The ZOMBIE STRIKE SIDESTRIKE blaster is the first NERF blaster with a holster for both dart and blaster storage, leaving hands free to carry supplies and post-apocalyptic gear. The quick-draw blaster possesses ELITE performance, firing ZOMBIE STRIKE darts up to 75 feet. The included holster is also compatible with the NERF FIRESTRIKE blaster, sold separately. Comes with six ZOMBIE STRIKE darts. ($14.99)

Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy
When it comes to hand to hand battle against zombies, losing is not an option. At 30” long, the durable foam ZOMBIE STRIKE BLADE sword is built to defend humanity at close range. ($12.99)
You can read io9's full article below:


  1. I mainly want the sword and crossbow. I also like how when I was reading this a "Plants vs. Zombies" ad was at the bottom of the page.

  2. I actually want the Rebelle crossbow. Hope they make one not in pink

  3. I think the FuseFIre looks awesome. It's smaller than the Vigilon and holds more discz.

    And is it just me or does the Ripshot's barrel make it look like it fires 3 disc at one time?

  4. The sword is just the vantage sword with different colors but i really want the Sidestrike. Finally, Nerf makes a gun with a holster!

  5. Hey... the crossbow takes stocks! Praxis stocks might color match!

  6. I see lots of mods on youtube for this new line.

  7. How does the Fuse Fire work? Is there a box magazine? I cannot tell, but with the storage in the front there doesn't look to be much room for a mag so I take it its a single shot. It also looks and sounds to be Firefly (glow in the dark) tech. If that thing has a box magazine and is essentially a Firefly Vigilon I will buy one. I love the Vigilon.